Stone Tower Winery Virgina Wedding Photographer

Shot a pretty epic wedding for Michelle and Nishad at Stone Tower Winery in Loudon County, VA. Of all the years ive shot weddings, seeing a rainbow, during portraits, during sunset…well that was a first. And one I will gladly take anytime! Shot with the great second shooter, Alex Lee.

Cambridge, MD wedding photographer

Great times at the Hyatt Regency Resort with Cindy and Bryan. Hot times, very very hot…and humid. But super fun nonetheless. Plus it always feels like family when the you have already shot the wedding of some of the bridal party a couple years ago.

Moultrie Courthouse Wedding Photographer

I am always a fan of smaller courthouse weddings. They’re just fun. This one was shot at Moultrie Courthouse in Washington, D.C. in bright bright daylight. You can always take great photos no matter the time of day…



Virginia Wedding Photographer

A few favorites from Sarah and Jons wedding at the Meadowlark Botanical Gardens in Virgina

Cherry Blossom Engagement Photographer

Couple of nice ones from the Cherry Blossoms this year, sunrise and sunset shots.

Washington D.C. Wedding Photographer

Always a fan of small weddings. Especially ones at restaurants that you have eaten at before.



Washington D.C. Wedding Photographer

Sometimes you plan a wedding all year, then the venue backs out and you have to find a new one a week before your wedding. This was one of those rare times. But then you have horses, and an awesome band, and a cool couple, and all is good again.