Washington D.C. Wedding Photographer

Always a fan of small weddings. Especially ones at restaurants that you have eaten at before.



Washington D.C. Wedding Photographer

Sometimes you plan a wedding all year, then the venue backs out and you have to find a new one a week before your wedding. This was one of those rare times. But then you have horses, and an awesome band, and a cool couple, and all is good again.


Washington D.C. Wedding Photographer

Virginia Wedding Photographer

Meadowlark Botanical Gardens. Simple weddings = best weddings. Congrats to Mona & Josh.




Arlington Wedding Photographer

Lovely wedding at the Athenaeum in Arlington, VA

Tina + Ayappa

Its the simple ones that really speak to me. Go to the country, rent an airbnb and enjoy.


Washington DC proposal photography

Great job to Collins Harris for getting Amel Larrieux a musician who was performing at Howard theater, to announce his proposal to the whole audience! Moody awesome photos below: